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‘I’m glad you’re here.

If you’ve ever lost yourself in a book or travelled somewhere you’ve been many times before but when you get there you don’t remember travelling on a certain road, you’ve experienced trance. It’s completely safe and natural and we experience it several times a day.


Hypnotherapy encourages this. It allows your busy brain, the part that’s reading this while thinking of at least two other things, to take a step back. This lets you connect to your subconscious, the true part of you, the part that knows you, loves you and wants you to be well and happy. That’s when the work is done, while you are relaxed and comfortable.
‘I love what I do and know how lucky I am to be a part of someone’s journey to live the life they deserve.’

Our relationship will be at the heart of the sessions, and each session will be unique for you.

I am trained in Regression and Past Life Regression hypnotherapy. Both can be powerful experiences and a way of understanding and releasing trauma. If you are interested in having an experience of your Past Life, please contact me.


I was fortunate today to have some counselling & hypnotherapy from Sarah today. I was feeling anxious & very tearful at the start of the treatment. Sarah took time to listen as I poured out my feelings. She has a lovely, calming manner & I quickly started to relax. I felt emotionally lighter at the end of my treatment. Sarah is lovely & I can highly recommend her. F.A.C.

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I offer a free no-obligation telephone consultation to discuss the best treatment strategy for you. If you’re happy with our initial consultation, we can then book our first session to help you.